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We welcome infants from 4 months up through 3 years of age to join in on our Parent-tot program. Dolphin's Instructors will assist you and your child in learning water safety skills and introductory swimming techniques. You will be required to be in the pool to assist your child in facilitating and learning swimming skills. This class is conducted in our indoor heated pool, which is great for little ones! This is a great way to introduce your child to a social aquatic environment in the safety of your arms. All children 3 years of age and under are required to wear non-disposable swim diapers.


For pre-school and school-aged children, we offer lessons that teach the four basic strokes and focus on the skills that your child hasn't yet mastered. At Dolphin, we believe in the mastery of the strokes. Your child will learn different drills for each of the four strokes to help him or her perfect their stroke. Again, the lessons will be tailored for him or her and at the end of every session, the instructor will give you, the parent, a certificate of what your child has achieved along with recommendations for the next session. All children 3 years and younger must wear either a non-disposable swim diaper.

Adults mainly have two reasons to take swim lessons: Either they have never learned to swim, or they wish to improve their ability or comfort level in the water so that they can learn to scuba dive or can use swimming as a form of exercise. At Dolphin, we can help achieve either one of these goals. For the adult who has never learned to swim, private instruction is the perfect solution, as many adults do not wish to learn how to swim with a group of children. As we do with every student, we will teach our adults to first be comfortable in shallow water before attempting to master the deep end. We will move from basic floating all the way through freestyle with side breathing. If you are an adult looking for swim instruction as a no-impact way to exercise, our staff can train you in breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly along with flip turns and drills to improve your stroke and efficiency. We can also help create a workout routine so that you can continue your exercise program. For adults who want to lean to scuba dive, our instructors can prepare you to pass the swim test with ease.


If you have a child whose birthday falls in a month that's too cold for a swim party, we have the solution for you. Dolphin's indoor heated pool is an ideal setting to enjoy the fun of the summer during the cold winter months. A classroom will also be available for opening presents and serving cake. Our complimentary SASY unit provides a safe way for the kids to experience the world of scuba. Parties fill up fast, so call and reserve your time slots early.
Cost is $300 for 3 hours

A toddler who is comfortable with going one on one with an instructor with or without the parent in the water is ready to be immersed in private classes. Our highly experienced instructors will take your child through the important milestones of learning to swim from floating to streamline to freestyle. Each individualized lesson will fit the needs and abilities of your toddler. For maximum learning and enjoyment, teaching time is interspersed with playtime, which includes such important skills as diving for toys, and racing with other students. At the end of every session, the instructor will give you, the parent, a certificate of what your child has achieved along with recommendations for the next session. All children under the age of 3 years must wear a non-disposable swim diaper.


If you have a child who is interested in joining a competitive swim team or is currently swimming with one of the local teams, then Dolphin Swim School can offer stroke technique that will improve your swimmer's times. Once again, our private instruction is tailored to what your swimmer's needs might be. Our staff is trained to analyze stroke and correct form to create maximum efficiency in the water. We can also help improve their starts and turns. Many swimmers have trouble getting their strokes perfected so that they are legal, and our instructors have experience training swimmers to quit being disqualified.

Anyone ages 15 or older is eligible to participate in our Lifeguard training program. The class will certify you in Red Cross Lifeguard training as well as CPR for the Professional Rescuer. The cost is $300 which includes textbooks, materials and the processing of your certification cards. Lifeguard training is a 2 year certification. CPR is a 2 year certification. We schedule training throughout the year. We also can arrange private training sessions.


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