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30+ Years of Experience in Training Successful Swimmers


Here at Dolphin Swim School we have had many success stories with our clients; we are lucky that some have to chosen to share their experiences with us. So read on through and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do receiving them.

If you would like to share as well please e-mail swim@dolphinscuba.com

Dear Adam-

It has been a tremendous pleasure to have you teach all three of my children whether it was to teach them to swim (R. W. & S.W.), perfect a stroke (B. W.) or learn a new one (B.W. & S.W.). After leaving Debbie Meyer Swim School (because you left), I was pleased to hear from you and did not hesitate to move my children over to Dolphin knowing you were teaching there.

Over the years, I have been impressed with the organization of how the swim school has been run, scheduling & availability of instructors, the cleanliness and the demeanor of the instructors-Great leadership Adam!

Most importantly, this summer, my children and I have noticed that Dolphin also instructs those that have either mental and/or physical challenges and Dolphin has chosen to mainstream these students rather than exclude them by arranging specific times for instruction. Your decision to mainstream these students has not only been exceptionally impressive but a blessing for my children and me. So many of us take so much for granted in our lives. To observe the patience of your instructors and the perseverance and subsequent joy from the challenged students is incredible.

Thank you for running an outstanding program.

G. W.

Hi Adam.

My 6-year old daughter has been taking swimming lessons with Doug this summer in West Sacramento at the Rivers community pool.

I have observed a lot of the Dolphin instructors over the past few years (we did the Mommy and me [now Parent-Tot] a few years back and have had other lessons at Dolphin). Doug is one of the best I have seen. Teaching any subject is hard, and he has the qualities of a good teacher (knowledgeable, patient, keeps your attention, keeps the class moving, stays focused, is likable and has good people skills).

Doug has the perfect temperament for teaching both kids and adults. Teaching children is harder than teaching adults, and Doug excels in teaching the kids.

We watch Doug teaching the other kids. He has lots of patience, and continues to help them progress by being able to work with the kids' short attention spans. We are fortunate to have him as a teacher this summer, and we look forward to more lessons.

Also, all of the parents are so thrilled that Dolphin is at the Rivers pool. We are taking lessons for a lot longer this summer because of the convenience, and because my daughter likes Doug. We hope they continue this next summer and we will try to make it to Dolphin this winter for lessons.


V. K.

Dear Adam,

My 5-year old daughter, O. T., was in swim lessons at the Rivers pool in West Sacramento for a month this summer with Doug ... . Doug is a knowledgeable, energetic, and caring instructor. From the first lesson, he built a wonderful rapport with my daughter, and she was genuinely sad on the days that she didn't have a lesson with Doug. Doug effectively evaluated O. T.'s swimming abilities, and was able to create lessons that were a blend of techniques, strokes, and games that really took her swimming to a level I didn't think she could achieve this summer. Doug is a highly skilled instructor, and I'm so glad my child had the opportunity to work with him this summer.


S. T.

Dear Adam,

The Dolphin Swim School is awesome. We have used the school for 3 years for our 3 and 5 year old children. Even though all the teachers have different personalities it is nice to see all the various approaches meeting the needs of each child. Adam and Dave have provided exemplary customer service which has consistently met our needs.

Thank you Dolphin Swim School,


Hi Adam,

After 15 lessons with Dolphin Swim School, I finally have the confidence and range of skills as an adult swimmer to enjoy local lakes, rivers, and the deep end of the pool! Your instruction was methodical and attentive, which helped to produce the best results I have ever had in learning to swim. I appreciated you sharing your own experiences to help me improve beyond the 'classroom'. The tips you gave on micro movements and proper self-training are great for any age swimmer. So, thanks for working with this big kid with a dream to go scuba diving some day, and for that I'll be back at Dolphin. You and Katy were both professional, friendly, and a pleasure to learn from. The pool temperature was perfect for students, too. I absolutely recommend Dolphin Swim School to learners of any age and skill level.


Dear Adam,

My swimming classes are finishing up and I wanted to thank you for assigning Douglass as my instructor. I have enjoyed swimming with him from Day one. He asked me what my goals were in my first class. When I told him I wanted to join the dive class eventually, he tailored his instruction accordingly and is greatly responsible for getting me there. His teaching techniques work exceptionally well with adult beginners like me. His diligence, patience and encouragement has immensely improved my swimming. His personable nature and charm has led me to make a friend. He is simply the best. Hopefully, when I get my dive certificate I'll come back to learn more.

Thanks again,


Dear Adam,

As a mother of two children I can say without a doubt that my kids are happier and safer in the water thanks to Dolphin Swim School. I came to this school on a friend's recommendation when my five year old daughter still didn't like to go underwater after three years of lessons elsewhere. Not only did our instructor have her under water the first day, but one summer later she is jumping off the block and working on her form. Most importantly, she loves swimming!!! My son has loved the water from the beginning. At Dolphin, that love was fostered and encouraged all while learning the basic skills. Now he can enjoy the water and so can I. Swimming is a life skill, a safety necessity, and Dolphin has given this gift to my children. I am thoroughly impressed with the results of our time spent here, and truly grateful as well.

Dear Adam and David,

Three of my children (11, 9, 5 years old) just completed 2 weeks of swim instruction with Angela. I am extremely impressed with the teaching they received. Up until now, all of their swim lessons have been at a local rec center. Year by year, I have been disappointed with how little technique has been taught and how unqualified some of the teachers were. We even tried going with private lessons one year, and on the first day, the instructor asked my child (then only 7) what she wanted to learn, instead of assessing her skill level and working from that! Most of the lessons consisted of having her kick with a paddle board, which I could have done with her myself. The only reason we continued with rec lessons all these years was because there were no swim schools nearby. Out of desperation, I finally decided to deal with the distance and enroll them in Dolphin. I now regret not having done that from day one! It has been fully worth the drive (about 25 minutes) and the money (which is, surprisingly the same as the semi-private rec center lessons but far superior here at Dolphin). I would drive further and pay even more if I had to.

Angela was a fantastic instructor. I was so pleased that she did not allow the fears of my youngest to control the teaching he received. Swimming is a vital skill, and it's natural for kids to be apprehensive when learning. Angela doesn't allow it to prevent her from pushing him out of his comfort zone and requiring him to do what he needs to (with gentle firmness). In just 6 lessons, I have been amazed at how far he's come, even though he has a lot left to learn and become proficient in. My oldest daughters finally learned how to swim because Angela taught them the technique and corrected them when they weren't applying it. I left every class time impressed with how observant and knowledgeable Angela is and how much my children learned, even though she had 3 of them in the class with her.

I have also observed both Adam and David working with boys around the age of Ian and younger, and have been equally as impressed. On the last day of our class, Ian worked with another male instructor (didn't get his name but tall and dark haired) and due to the focused one on one time in the water, was floating without help and much more confident in swimming a longer distance to the side of the pool. Many of the students in the classes were around 3 years old, and I wish now that I would have enrolled my kids at those ages to help avoid some of the natural fears that start when kids turn 4 or 5 years of age.

I realize this is getting lengthy, but I cannot leave out how fantastic the customer service at Dolphin is. Unfortunately, that is a rare thing these days, but Dolphin excels in it. When I had to reschedule upcoming lessons for my youngest, David offered to fit him in when it was convenient for us, even if classes were full. I was pleasantly surprised and thankful for his willingness to work with us. It is clear that Dolphin holds high standards for all their instructors, and that each one focuses on teaching proper technique to master the skills of swimming. I am thoroughly pleased with what my children learned and am thrilled to have found your school!



I just wanted to let you know what a great experience my family has had with the lessons we recently completed. Mr. Brent worked GREAT with my girls. Occasionally Miss Olivia and Miss Christina would help and they were also great. Mr. Brent was able to help my girls progress much farther than I thought they would and they had so much fun doing it. Mr. Brent was kind and patient with my girls and able to help them learn while having fun. Thank you so much for everything. We will definitely be coming back again!


I just wanted to drop a thank you! I signed my child, Orion, up for 10 days and Cody worked with him every day. My kid started off having a hard time getting his head wet in the shower to piggy-backing underwater for fun, and diving off your blocks swimming to the ladder! I'm very happy with my experience and will be back when finances permit. Thank you so much!