Dolphin Swim School

30+ Years of Experience in Training Successful Swimmers

Dolphin was originally established as
a swim school in 1974.

After more than 30 years of experience in the greater Sacramento area, we have provided high-quality private swim instruction to generations of aspiring swimmers. Our swimming pool is heated to a toasty 92 degrees, which allows us to offer a year-round program that includes a variety of classes and aquatic activities, which are available infants through adults. Every one of Dolphin's classes are private, one-on-one instruction provided by our highly-qualified instructors. Our instructors are caring, patient and skilled to teach any individual at any skill level to swim with confidence and proficiency.

What You Get?

... 92-degree Indoor Heated Pools

... Crystal clear water

... A Positive Learning Environment

... Skilled Instructors

... Private Instruction

... Lesson plans are Tailored to Each Individual Student


Private Instruction for Toddlers through Adults

Dolphin Swim School offers private swim instruction which is tailored to the individual student. Whether you have a toddler who needs to learn to swim, or your child is on a competitive swim team and needs that extra bit of refinement to his or her stroke, or if you are an adult who wants to overcome that childhood fear of water, we have the right program and instructor for you. However the Parent Tot Program is not exclusive to our Session Dates.


Regular Instruction Hours

Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm.

Classes are scheduled in two-week sessions as follows:

Monday through Friday

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


10 Classes

6 Classes

4 Classes




30 Minute Private Class $40

Semi: Private Classses

(2 to 1)

Private Classes

(1 to 1)

10am to 4pm

4pm to 7:30pm

10am to 4pm

4pm to 7:30pm





We offer a sibling discount to 3 children in our 30 minute classes

Parent-Tot 30 Minute Classes

Parent Tot Program is not exclusive to our Session Dates. Four 30 minute Classes for $45







*Prices Subject to Change


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