Frequently Asked Questions

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Beginning Jan 1st 2011, disposible diapers will not be allowed to be worn during swim lessons. There will be non-dispoable swim diapers for sale on location for your convenience.

Dolphin Swim School and SSI believe in comfort through repetition.

Babies have a natural affinity to the water, because they have spent 9 months developing in a safe, warm, and liquid environment. However, this natural affinity to water will diminish with time and can easily turn into fear. This is why early water introduction has a significant impact on babies’ comfort and skill in the water. The calming effects of warm water immersion are well known. Games, touch, and the sensory experiences of the water help to strengthen parent-child bonding. Water safety skills including wall skills, back floating, and safe routines around the water help babies begin the journey to being safer swimmers. At DSS, we begin our swimmers as early as 6 months old. There is no age limit for someone wanting to begin the journey, or level requirements, we are able to teach all ages and abilities. From water safety into competitive swim, to SCUBA, DSS and SSI believe in water sports for the whole family, for lifelong enjoyment.

Babies are born with a "swimmer’s reflex." This reflex stays strong for the first six months of an infants life. This means children involuntarily hold their breath when submerged in water as the environment mimics their surroundings in the womb. In addition, our instructors use a method of teaching in which repetitive motions and verbal cues are used so that students are expecting the submersion. Swimming truly becomes natural and effortless for students, at any age, to learn comfortably.

Progression varies according to several factors. Some students will progress more rapidly depending on each individual. With our core concept of comfort through repetition, water safety and swim skills become solid habits. It is best to keep in mind that, like any athletic pursuit, swim classes are a commitment if you want the skills to be truly engrained. Our goal is to help children and adults progress each and every lesson and make the most of their time in the pool with us. We want our students to leave our program with superb skills and a love of water. We offer many programs for the individual and family to enjoy as they become more proficient swimmers.

Keep in mind that our instructors have a lot of experience with children (and adults) who do not like water on their faces. Ultimately, this is the greatest factor with learning how to swim. How can we overcome this obstacle? The more frequent exposure the better, followed by positive reinforcement and a lot of praise. We also request the help of parents in encouraging children to get their faces wet during bath time. Handing a child a dry towel or reaching to wipe their wet face will only prolong and enforce their phobia. If you act like a wet face is no big deal, they will come to learn that a wet face is no big deal.

Your family knows what is best for your schedules. However, most students benefit greatly from 2 or 3 classes per week. The younger the student, the more likely you will enjoy the results for work and play in our pool twice a week. Older students progress well with a 3 day a week schedule. If your student is looking to become a competitive swimmer, or already on a team, you might consider more classes a week. Dolphin Swim School and SSI strongly recommend a year-round enrollment in swim classes to maintain and increase skills, no matter how many days a week your family chooses.

  • If you need to miss a class, you must call (916) 929-8188 or email with 24 hrs notice to have the credit applied for make up classes.
  • If you do not call or email prior to the class, no make up credit will be given, and the class is forfeited.
  • Once you have a make up credit on file, you have 30 days to schedule the make up class. If you do not schedule the make up class before the end of the 30 days, the credit will expire. (Classes do not have to be taken in that 30 days, but the class must be scheduled.)
  • Make Up credit can not be applied to future tuition.
  • Make Up classes may not be rescheduled.
  • If the student is a direct family member, yes we are happy to transfer credit to that person. However, credits cannot be transferred to friends, or cousins. (Exceptions made for grandparents with multiple grandchildren.)
  • Any financial credit on your account, not make up credits, may be applied to in store purchases by family as well.
  • If you are with a HomeSchool group and using a Home School Voucher to pay for tuition, the voucher must be in our office before we can schedule classes.
  • Vouchers need to be signed before we can schedule classes, this can be via an email or photo of the signed voucher.
  • Students using homeschool vouchers must be enrolled in that homeschool group.
  • Please ensure that you apply for the correct dates, number of classes, and price of classes when requesting the voucher.