Make up and Rescheduling Policy

*Dolphin Swim School makes every effort to ensure you have the teacher you are expecting for you class. However, there may be times a substitute teacher needs to be provided. DSS will make sure you have a teacher for your scheduled class. If we are unable to provide one for any reason, we will place a class credit on your file for future use.

Attendance and Make-Up Policy

  • Tuition is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Classes are scheduled in 2 week blocks at this time.
  • There are NO refunds.
  • Please be sure that when you enroll for classes that you can attend those classes. The time is yours whether attend your class or not.


  • If you have booked classes, and learn that you can no longer keep that schedule, with a minimum of 2 weeks notice, we will place a credit on file to be applied as future tuition.
  • Every attempt will be made to enroll a new student in that spot, and if we are able to do so, a refund may be offered.

Make Up Classes:

  • If you need to miss a class, you must call (916) 929-8188 or email swim@dolphinscuba.com with 24 hrs notice to have the credit applied for make up classes. (DSS does understand some mornings children wake up not feeling well. Please give us as much notice as possible when this occurs.)
  • If you do not call or email prior to the class, no make up credit will be given, and the class is forfeited.
  • Once you have a make up credit on file, you have 30 days to schedule the make up class. If you do not schedule the make up class before the end of the 30 days, the credit will expire. (Classes do not have to be taken in that 30 days, but the class must be scheduled.)
  • Scheduled make up classes cannot be rescheduled.
  • Make Up credit can not be applied to future tuition.

Scheduling with Home School Vouchers

  • If you are with a HomeSchool group and using a Home School Voucher to pay for tuition, the voucher must be in our office before we can schedule classes.
  • Vouchers need to be signed before we can schedule classes, this can be via an email or photo of the signed voucher.
  • Students using homeschool vouchers must be enrolled in that homeschool group.
  • Please ensure that you apply for the correct dates, number of classes, and price of classes when requesting the voucher.

Dolphin Safety Rules

  • NO RUNNING for any reason.
  • No smoking on the pool deck, in the locker rooms, or in front of the doors.
  • No glass containers on the pool deck or in the locker rooms.
  • Children must stay out of the pool until their lesson begins (unless approved by their swim teacher).
  • All children not in a swim class must be supervised by an appropriate guardian.
  • Guardians must remain on the property and easily reachable while students our in class.
  • Please try not to interfere while classes are in progress. This can cause a distraction for the instructor and other students.
  • Please shower before entering the pool.
  • Dolphin Swim School teachers cannot make special arrangements for students not enrolled in a class. If your student is in need of a class, please see the swim desk.